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ATTRACTIONS To begin with... Once you've laid your eyes on the landscape of colourful houses in Hondeklipbaai you will most probably fall in love with this place forever. Come here when the Namakwaland flowers are in bloom and you will be greeted by a picture beautiful array of colour and diversity, an image you will never forget. The sunset here will take your breath away and the sometimes misty mornings will leave you with an intense soul hunger for more of this unspoiled coastline, the crisp clear breeze of the morning and the ocean spray that gently falls on your skin when standing on the massive rocks outlining this breathtaking coastline. Take a moment and just enjoy the beauty of this piece of unspoiled coastline; the sun and sea and sunsets. The ancient graveyard Just off the coast, a mere stroll away from the Visbeen Lodge, you will find yourself in the center of a very important part of the history of the beautiful town of Hondeklipbaai. The ancient graves of sailors tells it's own sad story of how fishermen battled to make a living and the price many of them had to pay. The Aristea About a 30 minute walk away from Hondeklipbaai you will find the shipwreck of the Aristea. In 1934 the Aristea was build in Scotland as a fishing vessel for I&J.  Between 1939 and 1942 it was used as a mine sweeper during the World War II. On the 4th of July 1945, whilst en route to Port Nolloth, the Aristea ran aground here. Of the 24 crew members only one life was lost. Other things to do * Beach       * Fishing       * Bird Watching       * Scuba / Snorkelling       * 4 x 4 Trails       * Hiking
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